Shower Experience

Taking a shower gives you a unique sense of wellbeing. This shower’s four functions and its randomized lighting make it a real temple of relaxation and enjoyment.
RAIN: this function will transform your showers into a true experience daily. The rain area, which is in the center, will relax you fully. Select this function for fine rain and a feeling of comfort.
RAIN CURTAIN: just like a protective cocoon, the rain curtain will envelop your body perfectly. Relaxation and happiness are a guarantee.
CASCADE: nature gives you a unique sense of wellbeing and contentment. You can direct the intensity of its jet wherever you want and luxuriate in a moment of pure relaxation.
TURBO JET: both soothing and invigorating, these massage jets for the body are a real pleasure and help eliminate any potential stress. Enjoyment and relaxation are guaranteed.
FINNISH HOT TUB: in Nordic countries, after a session in a hot sauna, it is traditional to plunge into cold water to cool down. 7 liters of invigorating water! This is a tribute to the hot/cold alternation that is characteristic of traditional sauna experiences. After pulling on the cord, you are drenched in 7 liters of cold water, which instantly reinvigorates muscles that have been relaxed by a session in a hot room. This cooling system represents an important stage in the process of relaxation and getting your body back to full health.


A tepidarium is a dry, moist room where the floor and seats are gently heated (to a temperature of around 30-35 degrees). This is the temperature that is best suited to the natural regeneration of the human body and the stabilization of the immune system. This allows the body to prepare for the higher temperatures of the hammam and the sauna. It relaxes and cleanses the body, cleans and firms the skin and relieves any aches.


The sauna principle consists of moving from an intense dry heat (70 °C to 100 °C) to a cool area, which gives you a toning sensation of relaxation, and nervous and muscular recovery through elimination of toxins. Additionally, sweating exfoliates the skin.


Hammam means “hot water” in Arabic. The gentle humid heat of 40 to 55 °C (close to 100% humidity) stimulates the circulation of the blood and gives you a pleasant sense of relaxation, leaving behind an impression of softness. The heat is easy to withstand because of the steam. The high temperature relaxes any muscular tension or aches through deep cleansing of the epidermis. The skin becomes soft, which makes it easier to remove dead skin cells. We recommend exfoliation at the end of the session using a kessa glove and beldi soap (spread the beldi soap over wet skin and let it soak in for 10 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water, after which scrub your skin with the kessa glove and then rinse again). The essence of eucalyptus is often added to the steam, as it has soothing and bronchial decongestant properties. Followed by a warm then cold shower, a hammam session tones and firms up the skin.